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Love is at the centre of our creativity at acredo – the love two people feel for one another as well as our love for our products. After all, like your unique love, the beautiful jewellery made by acredo will also stay with you for life. We are capturing your unique love in the highly individual and, at the same time, timeless designs of your wedding and engagement rings, and it will stay there - forever. Perfect forms, extremely comfortable to wear, highest standards of workshop quality and finest craftsmanship of our acredo specialists make your jewellery dreams come true.

It is all about the detail: at acredo, every piece of jewellery is unique

An elegant groove, an exceptional stone setting or a completely new interplay of colours: these and many more details make your jewellery from acredo unique and underline perfectly your appreciation. Tailored to your own desires and inspired by our clear collections, we work together to realise your idea of perfect rings and matching accessories. Between the poles of minimalism and opulence, tradition and modernity, our designers develop sensual designs that concentrate on what is essential: for this is the basis for the harmony and aesthetics of your jewellery as well as for the modern and timeless luxury that jewellery made by acredo provides.

At acredo, craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology

In our workshop in Pforzheim, the goldsmiths' many years of experience connect with the absolute individuality of the configurator. The wedding ring configurator by acredo allows you to combine form, colour, alloy, surface and stone setting of your jewellery to create unique pieces. This way, you can stay true to your own style and have your enthusiasm, creativity and passion determine the design process of your jewellery. Uncompromising quality, the finest materials and first-class ring mountings by acredo are the finishing touches for your jewellery, making it the symbol of your true love.